Excerpts from dvidshub.net:

On May 19, 1998, Chicago Fire Department Firefighter Eugene W. Blackmon, Jr., was working a routine assignment when he and his unit received a call that there was a drowning incident in the Little Calumet River. Blackmon went into the river that day, tirelessly searching for the reported two missing men. While displaying courage, selflessness and bravery, Blackmon would, unfortunately, not resurface alive. He was pronounced dead nearly three hours later at the Christ Hospital emergency room.

In his honor from that heroic day, the department created the Eugene Blackmon Award to be given to a firefighter candidate at graduation who displayed leadership qualities.

Eder Campos, a Marine veteran, was the recipient of the award during the Candidate Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician graduation ceremony, Feb. 15, at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Before pursuing a career as a firefighter, Campos worked as a motor transportation mechanic for the Marine Corps from 2004 to 2014. He deployed overseas four times and received numerous awards.

“In the fire service, we have to work together as a team, we won’t accomplish anything unless we’re working together,” said Campos. “That’s something that was instilled in me by the Marine Corps.”

Campos begins his childhood dream as a firefighter and emergency medical technician with his first assignment at Chicago FD Engine Company 95. Although he has moved on, Campos says he will always be thankful for everything the Marine Corps taught him.

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