This from Doug Hoyt:

Following up on the Alsip front-mount “bumper pumpers”, here are a few photos of some Division 2 rigs from the early / mid 80’s.¬† One is Rutland-Dundee Engine 52, a 1961(?) International, one is Rutland-Dundee Engine 57, a 750 gpm Ford/Darley with a 2000 gal. tank. Sorry that the photos aren’t the best quality; I wasn’t the greatest photographer back then, and some of the pictures got cut off in the printing. ¬†(Still looking for the negatives.) Thanks for the chance to share these!
Doug Hoyt…

Vintage photo of Rutland-Dundee FPD Engine 52

Rutland-Dundee Engine 52. Doug Hoyt photo

Vintage photo of Rutland-Dundee FPD Engine 57

Rutland-Dundee Engine 57. Doug Hoyt photo