From NFFF:

There’s no question that the number of firefighters affected by cancer is on the rise. That’s why prevention is critical. But many firefighters may not follow the advice of researchers and experts because they think it will never happen to them.

“No matter who you are. No matter where you are. No matter what type of a firefighter you are. You are subjected to cancer-causing agents,” Chief Ernest Mitchell, Jr., U.S. Fire Administrator

Firefighters and authorities who’ve dealt with cancer first-hand or who’ve watched others battle it share their stories in “The Silent Killer: Firefighter Cancer”. Hear what they have to say about why cancer-prevention is so important.


“It has nothing to do with what size department you’re with. Even the frequency of the emergency calls you’re on,
because it only takes one.”

– Chief Dennis Compton, Chairman of the Board, NFFF