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Palatine FD host 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

9/11 Memorial Ceremony

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As seen around … Bridgeview

This from Josh Boyajian:

I had an opportunity to shoot Bridgeview Station 1.
  • Engine 416 is a 2014 E-One Typhoon with a 1,500-GPM and 1,000-gallon tank
  • Ambulance 417 is a 2015 Ford F-450 Wheeled Coach Type 1
  • Battalion 40 is the older, unmarked chief’s car that they marked up and up fitted with lights. Its a 2005 Ford Expedition.
Bridgeview FD ambulance

Josh Boyajian photo

Bridgeview FD fire engine

Josh Boyajian photo

Bridgeview FD command car

Josh Boyajian photo

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