This from Brian Murphy:

While doing research on fire losses in ‘big box’ retail stores (OK, we were a bit slow on calls…), I came across, on YouTube, very old footage of a large fire in a Topps Discount Store in Highland, Indiana.  Dating back to 1963, it was shot on 8mm film and must’ve been converted to video at some point within the past 25 years.  You even get to see a nice happy family having fun before the fire footage begins.  Ah, home movies.  How many of you remember Topps (not the sports cards)?  There was one on North Avenue in Addison (near the original ‘Dog House’ that became Portilos) up until the early to mid ’70s that I can recall visting.  Anyway, this one is for everyone who grew up without cell phones.  Or DVDs.  Or video cameras.  Or push button phones.

Or, for that matter, SCBA…


Brian Murphy