Rolling Meadows companies were called to 5201 Carriageway Drive for a reported fire in a third floor apartment around 8PM Wednesday evening (3/4/15). While en-route, they were advised of a sofa on fire with flames climbing the wall, and Battalion 15 upgraded the alarm to a Code 4 for the working fire. Police arriving on the scene reported flames shooting out of a third floor window, and then that a resident had jumped from a third floor balcony. The alarm was then upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm.

Reportedly the police officers were performing CPR on the victim when firefighters arrived. The Chicago Tribune reports

The apartment was evacuated but officials said one person had died as a result of the blaze, officials said.

The person, whose age and gender was not immediately provided, jumped from the balcony of a third floor unit of the apartment building, said Rolling Meadows Fire Chief Scott Franzgrote. The person was pronounced dead at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.

As of about 10 p.m., the blaze had been “contained,” but firefighters were still working to put out the fire, Franzgrote said. The first and second floors of the building had been evacuated, and firefighters were currently checking the third floor.

The alarm was subsequently upgraded to a 2nd Alarm and then a 3rd Alarm before being struck out shortly before midnight.

Several contributors were at the scene and there will be a series of posts showing images and videos.  As a side note, this building is directly across there street from another building in the same complex that was the site of a 3-Alarm fire several years ago.

fire engine at huge winter apartment building fire at night

Steve Redick photo