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New Illinois State Fire Marshal comes from Aurora

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… Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti called [Aurora Fire Marshal] Matt Perez and asked him to apply to be the Illinois Fire Marshal … Perez found out late last week [that] Gov. Bruce Rauner appointed him the [position]. He assumes the post on April 1. … [and] will begin finding out exactly what it takes to do the job … for the whole state.

The state fire marshal’s office has three basic charges: arson investigation and enforcement; public education for fire prevention; and code development and investigation.

Those are the basic things the fire marshal’s office does in Aurora, too, said Aurora Fire Chief John Lehman.

Perez is the son of a long-time police officer in Aurora, Peter Perez, who also served as undersheriff for former Kane County Sheriff George Kramer. He also is the brother of former two-term Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez.

Matt Perez joined the Aurora Fire Department as a firefighter in July 1987, became a paramedic, and rose through the ranks as a lieutenant and captain. Before becoming the fire marshal in 2010, he was in the department’s training division. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in fire service management and lives in Sugar Grove.

Perez said he will be working mainly out of the state fire marshal’s Chicago office, so he will not have to relocate from Sugar Grove to Springfield.

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E-ONE introduces steel aerial ladder

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… E-ONE has now entered the steel aerial arena.

Jim Salmi, director, aerial product development, led the discussion on the new aerials the company is building. From the pivot point of the ladder on down, everything about the aerial apparatus is exactly the same as E-ONE’s aluminum aerial devices. There are, of course, some innovations that Salmi shared.

The aerial, designated HPS 105, offers a 2.5:1 safety factor and an integral torque box chassis, criss-cross underslung jacks with no pins, and compartments over the jacks. The ladder is 105 feet and features a 500-pound tip load dry or wet for up to 1,000-gpm flow. A roller system allows the aerial, constructed of 100 KSI Domex, to operate without needing to be greased.

… E-ONE’s new advanced aerial control systems, features a 3½-inch backlit color display that comes through the console with essential information needed for the operator.  E-ONE’s ramp control features three predefined settings that can change how firm or soft the ladder starts and stops.

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New quint for Chicago Ridge

This from Ron Wolkoff:

chicago ridge E-One HP-78 Aerial

E-ONE HP78 quint

E-ONE HP78 quint for Chicago Ridge. EONE photo

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