From the Highland Park Fire Dept.:

As part of our dispatch consolidation, the Lake Forest Fire Department in conjunction with the Lake Bluff Fire Department, Highland Park Fire Department, and Glenview Public Safety Dispatching Agency will be moving all radio traffic to the East Shore Fire Network effective Tuesday, January 27, 2015.  The system is composed of 3 repeater sites and multiple receiver sites which communicate through T1 lines and microwave signals.

The Lake Bluff water tower site is scheduled to go online in early April but comprehensive testing has shown that the Lake Forest Water Tower site covers the Lake Bluff response area with no problem.

o   Lake Forest Primary (Lake Forest water tower)

  • 154.8825 MHz, PL 7A (192.8 Hz) Receive
  • 155.910 MHz, PL 7A (192.8 Hz)  Transmit

o   Lake Bluff Primary (Lake Bluff water tower)

  • 151.2125 MHz, PL 7A (192.8Hz) Receive- Pending FCC Approval
  • 155.910 MHz, PL 7A (192.8Hz) Transmit

o   Talk Around or Direct in case of  voting system failure

  • 154.8825 MHz PL 7A (192.8Hz) Transmit and Receive.

o   Highland Park Fire south channel

  • 154.160 MHz Receive, PL7A (192.8Hz) Receive
  • 155.910 MHz Transmit, PL7A (192.8Hz) Transmit