From Martin Nowak:

I have an updated picture of Roberts Park Engine 32

Roberts Park Fire District fire engine

Roberts Park Fire District Engine 32. Martin Nowak photo

From Josh Boyajian:

New Pierce for North Riverside Enigne 807 and old Mack CF Pierce Engine 809

Pierce Velocity PUC fire engine

New Pierce Velocity PUC for North Riverside Engine 807. Josh Boyajian photo

Mack CF Pierce fire engine

North Riverside Engine 809, 1986 Mack CF Pierce 1250/600. Josh Boyajian photo

Undated photos of a recent attached garage fire in Beach Park – photographer unknown

garage engulfed in flames

Garage full-engulfed by fire in Beach Park. photographer unknown

garage engulfed in flames

photographer unknown

Cicero Truck 2 was involved in an accident recently causing damage to the apparatus. There were no injuries.

fire truck hits parked car

Accident involving Cicero Truck 2. source unknown