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State legislation concerns local municipalities (more)

The Daily Herald has an article stating the Buffalo Grove joins with other municipalities in opposing HB 5485:

Buffalo Grove Village President Jeffrey Braiman has joined the chorus of municipal leaders opposing state legislation that could subject firefighter staffing levels to arbitration.  Braiman this week said House Bill 5485, otherwise known as the Minimum Manning Bill, would negatively impact the village budget and firefighter response times — and even might force the village to close one of its three fire stations.

Currently, the decision of staffing levels rests in the hands of department management. But under the bill, if a municipality or fire district and the union representing its firefighters cannot agree on staffing, the matter would be turned over to arbitration.

The arbitrator, Braiman said, “isn’t an investor in our community, who will not have the expertise in firefighting and finance to make logical and appropriate decisions.”

Braiman noted, however, that the proposed changes would not afford the village’s firefighters better wages and benefits, nor would it increase their pensions. It also would not improve response times, Braiman said. “Clearly, getting more persons into a vehicle will not get it there any faster,” he said.

The bill ultimately could force the village to add firefighters at a time when it is trying to manage its workforce and constrain costs, Braiman said. Requiring one more person per fire truck per shift would cost the village as much as $1.3 million a year, he said, forcing spending cuts elsewhere or a tax increase.

Fire Chief Terry Vavra said he also does not favor the bill.

“I think Mr. Braiman made some very valid points,” he said. “I don’t know that this is the answer.”

However, in a letter to legislators, the Mount Prospect firefighters union states that opponents of the bill “are attempting to mislead lawmakers and have stated opinions that simply are not true.” “The working conditions of a firefighter are inherently dangerous and safe staffing levels have an enormous impact on our safety, and ultimately the safety of the very citizens I have sworn to protect,” the letter adds.

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Garage fire in Buffalo Grove 4-27-14

This from Larry Shapiro:

Buffalo Grove received a call reporting fire in an attached garage at 398 Hawthorne Road. Nothing was visible on arrival but the first company found that the house was charged with smoke. They cut into the garage door and made a quick hit through that opening before entering the house. The fire was controlled within minutes. Here are some images and a brief video from the scene.


firemen take hose into house

Firemen advance a line through the front door. Larry Shapiro photo

firemen take hose into house

Light smoke can be sen from the garage door. Larry Shapiro photo

Ferrara fire truck at fire scene

BG Tower Ladder 25 had two lines off. Larry Shapiro photo

light smoke coming from house

Light smoke from a garage window. Larry Shapiro photo

light smoke coming from house

The initial attack was through the garage door. Larry Shapiro photo

a gallery with more images is at

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New ambulance for Skokie

From Jeff Rudolph:

 Skokie A16. 2013 Int/Terrastar/2013 Horton


Horton ambulance photo

New unit for Skokie Ambulance 16. 2013 IHC TerraStar/Horton Type I. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Chicago working Fire 4-24-14

This from Josh Boyajian:

Companies had a fire Thursday afternoon in the 5800 block of Michigan. Engine 84 arrived and had fire showing from the 3rd floor. They deck gunned it and lead out a line. Truck 51 and 30 had their mains to the roof. I arrived well after the fire was knocked. Here are some shots. 

Chicago FD Spartan fire engine

Josh Boyajian photo

fireman at fire scene

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago Spartan ERV aerial

Josh Boyajian photo

E-ONE aerial ladder truck

Josh Boyajian photo

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