This from Ron Wolkoff:

Here is carpentersville's new Ferrara eng from Ferrara website
  • Chassis: Ferrara Ember custom fire chassis; Cummins ISL9 450 hp engine; Allison 3000 EVS transmission;
  • Type: Custom Rescue Pumper Ember extended medium cab with 12” raised roof; Seating for 5; EMS cabinet behind officer seat
  • Body: Heavy duty extruded aluminum fire body; Left and right side full height compartments, 15” deep upper/28” deep lower; Ferrara Ladders-Thru-The-Tank storage module; Spare SCBA over rear wheels
  • Pump: Hale QMAX 1500 GPM; Side panel controls; Fire Research Pump Boss pressure governor; Hale MIV-E intake valves in each steamer inlet; Triple speedlays; Right side LDH discharge; Rear 2-1/2” discharge; Deck gun plumbing with TFT Extend-A-Gun and Akron 3416 monitor Tank: 1000 gallon poly water tank
  • Feature: Whelen LED warning lights; Whelen LED Traffic Advisor; Federal GH scene lights; Fire Research Evolution 12V LED telescopic lights, 2 rear body and 2 on rear cab wall; Fire Research 12V LED brow light
new Ferrara fire engine for the Carpentersville FPD

New engine for Carpentersville. 2013 Ferrara Ember (HME) chassis 1500/1000. Ferrara photo