This from Martin Nowak:

“Staff Car – Chief Ketchen outlined the draft budget includes the replacement of one staff car this coming fiscal year. Chief’s intent is to sell the 2003 Crown Victoria, and move the Deputy Chief’s vehicle into the staff fleet. Permission granted by the Board to move forward with the purchase of a new vehicle for the Deputy Chief.  Ambulance Re-Chassis – Chief Ketchen proposed the replacement of the chassis on Ambulance 32. The 2009 ambulance has been plagued with problems since its purchase. The preliminary estimate is $62,000.


A motion was made by Trustee Lorenz to proceed with the re-chassis of Ambulance 32, with fees not to exceed $70,000.00.”


Car Replacement – Having been given permission by the Board to replace the Deputy Chief’s vehicle, Chief initially indicated that we would sell the 2003 Crown Victoria. After some consideration, Chief would like to evaluate the Crown Vic and the 2005 Impala to determine which car we should keep to best serve the District’s interests. On Site Refueling – Chief submitted a proposal from Palatine Oil to install on site Diesel and Gasoline pumps. The only costs associated with installation would be to run electricity to the site and install a protective barrier around the tanks. No installation or permit fees are associated with the project. Permission granted from the Board to move forward.