This from Dan McInerney:

I don’t get to this part of the west side very often and completely missed this one – I don’t recall hearing about it either. Maybe some readers can fill in the blanks.
Here is a picture of the exact footprint of Engine 68’s old house at 1642 N. Kostner, at the NW corner of Kostner and Grand. It was one of the PWA series of firehouses built in 1936, and was in use by E68 until 1970 when the company moved to new firehouse. This was one of two larger style single engine houses and a twin to the house E16 just left (originally E48’s house). More information can be found in the Ken Little/John McNalis History of Chicago Firehouses Volume III at 1936*6.
The 1936 series of firehouses is one of my favorites, and came in both single and double bay flavors. One of the more popular versions of this house is E8/T4/Bn2 in Chinatown. Although I do think they looked better with the rounded apparatus door openings. Those of you that venture over to Fleet can see Engine 20’s house at 1320 W. Concord Place, an example of the smaller single bay firehouse that still has the rounded front.
If anyone has a picture of Engine 68’s old house before the city tore it down please submit it.
former site of Chicago firehouse

The former site of Engine 68’s house in Chicago. Dan McInerney photo