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Thought this might be of interest to the Chicago Area Fire readers. Bolingbrook will remove the fire chief position from their budget beginning May 1st, 2013 and current police chief Kevin McCarthy will become the public safety director. Bolingbrook laid off 3 firefighters a few years ago, I’m not sure if it’s related or if there are still budget issues.

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Bolingbrook Combining Fire and Police Departments

In Bolingbrook, some readjustments are being made that involve a couple of “two departments into one” situations.  The police and fire departments are going to be combined into a PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT, with current Police Chief Kevin McCarthy serving as Director of Public Safety.  Current Fire Chief Dave Litton has been dropped from the new city budget.  Mayor Roger Claar says he did initiate this effort, and simply felt THE TIME HAD COME.

A deputy fire chief AND a deputy police chief will report to McCarthy.  Claar says ANOTHER CHANGE to be made is rolling the public works and community development departments together.

The changes will take place when the new budget takes over on May 1st.

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