The Springfield Fire Department has placed an order with Alexis for two small squad on Ford F-550 chassis to chase the ambulances and reduce wear and tear on the larger apparatus. The StateJournal Register has an article which includes the following excerpts:

The Springfield Fire Department plans to add smaller rescue vehicles to its fleet this year to respond to medical calls.

Fire Chief Ken Fustin said the smaller vehicles, called “squads,” will extend the life of the department’s larger, more expensive fire engines and trucks. About 60 percent of the department’s calls are medical-related.

Aldermen approved the purchase of two rescue vehicles during last year’s budget process. The department bought two 2012 Ford F550chassis from Landmark Ford and is having custom-built rescue bodies installed by Alexis Fire Equipment, which submitted the lowest bid. Total cost: $200,822.

Fustin has requested $125,000 in next year’s budget for an additional rescue vehicle. He hopes to have all three in use by the end of December.

Fire trucks and engines will then respond to 4,000 to 5,000 fewer calls annually, he said.

The fire department answered 16,431 calls for service in 2011, according to a recent fire station relocation study. About 58 percent, or 9,527, were medical calls.

The entire article is HERE.

Springfield Fire Department orders small rescue

Small rescue body being built for the Springfield Fire Department by Alexis. Alexis photo