These Rolling Meadows updates are from Lance J. Neuses:

The 1998 American LaFrance has been moved to Sta. 16 and placed into reserve status as E16R.

The 2006 American LaFrance has been placed at Sta. 15 and has new decals and sits as E15 now. (This engine is currently being repainted, we have been told it will not be black over red, but surprises are welcome)

Engine 615 has been sold to the Cambria Fire Dept. in Wisconsin 8/2/2012.

The 2004 American LaFrance has been placed into front line service as E16 at Sta. 16. (This engine is slated to be repainted as soon as E15 comes back)

Attached also is an unofficial station patch for Sta. 15.  Shirts are in the works.

Oh forgot to mention the 2006 LaFrance has only 500 gal. not 750. That’s why it went to Sta. 15. The 2004 does have 750 and helps cover an area for Palatine Rural that has no hydrants, so it makes sense.

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