This from the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation:

Helping Our Own – Homes of 1,000 FDNY Families Lost or Badly Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Our brothers and sisters in FDNY need our help. Since the attacks of 9/11 the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has worked closely with the FDNY’s Counseling Services Unit and the retired firefighters who provide peer support. The counselors are now helping firefighters and other department employees deal with the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and they need our help.

Below is a list of specific items that can make things a bit easier for the FDNY families in the coming days and weeks. This list will change as the needs of the members change. If you are able to help, please follow the instructions below so NFFF and the Counseling Services Unit can make sure your donation goes directly to those at FDNY who need it most.

Baby Formula
Baby Food
Blankets (New)
Bleach (Gallon Jugs)
Canned Food (Non-Perishable)
Demolition Tools
Deodorant (New Un-Opened)
Diapers (Wrapped, All sizes)
Extension Cords (Heavy Duty, 50 Foot+)
Feet Warmers
Feminine Hygienic Products (New Un-Opened Packages)
Fire Starters/Fire Logs
Flashlights with Batteries
Garden-Style Sprayer for Bleach Dispersement
Gas Cans (5-Gallon)
Generators (Gasoline Powered, 5000 Watts or Greater)
Gloves (Knit/Winter, All Sizes)
Halligan Bars
Hand Sanitizer (Personal-Sized Bottles)
Hand Warmers
Knit/Winter Hats (All Sizes)
Non-Perishable Snack Items (Granola/Cereal/Energy Bars/Trail Mix)
Paper Towels (New Un-Opened)
Pillows (New) Sleeping Bags (New)
Socks (All Sizes)
Toilet Paper (New Un-Opened)
Toothbrushes (New, Un-Opened)
Toothpaste (New, Un-Opened)
Trash Bags Contractor Grade
Underwear (Regular, Thermal; New, Un-Opened Packages, All Sizes)
Water (Personal Size or Gallon Jugs)
Wrecking Bars (Short Ceiling Hooks, Miscellaneous Hand Tools)
Work Gloves (Leather, All Sizes)

For any individuals, organizations, or fire departments that would like to donate items, please use this form and indicate which items that you are able to provide. Please note that the list may change as different needs arise. Once your information is submitted, someone will follow up with you by email to confirm your donation and provide shipping instructions for those items.