The Lake County News-Sun has an article which states that:

The Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District donated a new fire engine and ambulance Thursday to the Gurnee Fire Department.

Board President Phillip DeRuntz presented Gurnee Fire Chief Fred Friedl with two new sets of keys for the vehicles at Gurnee Fire Station No. 2, 6581 Dada Drive.

The new fire engine, a heavy duty rescue pumper, is equipped with a 780-gallon water tank and a foam system that automatically applies foam to a fire for quicker extinguishment and with the use of less water. The unit is also equipped with an EMS/paramedic compartment and provides a full complement of advanced life support equipment, medications and oxygen. The unit also has extrication equipment on board. The unit will replace a 1995 pumper that was designed for firefighting only and was not equipped with a foam system for quick

The new ambulance, a 2012 Road Rescue Type 1, replaces a 2001 Road Rescue ambulance with 144,000 miles.

“Gurnee Fire Department staff prepared specifications for the design and construction of both new units based on today’s technology, current national safety standards and the needs of the Fire Protection District and village that we serve,” stated Friedl.

The Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District is responsible for providing fire and ambulance coverage for the unincorporated areas within the 32 square miles stretching from Waukegan to Route 45, which includes Gurnee Mills and Six Flags Great America. The district contracts with Gurnee for 24-hour fire and rescue services from the Gurnee Fire Department.

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