The following is the third of a 3-part series from Dave Weaver, organizer of the Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show  www.EmergencyVehicleShow.com

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Chicago Fire Department engine from the movie Backdraft

CFD Engine 69 with numbering for both Backdraft Engines 17 and 51. Tom McCarthy photo

Where they went…
  • 80-287/D-372 E126 – rehabbed to E122 – Crushed in Blue Island in 1994
  • 80-288/D-373 E73 – to E103 4/2/81 – (not rehabbed) – Crushed at Cicero Iron in 1984
  • 80-289/D-374 E8 – rehabbed to E17/51/69 – Sold to Erickson Trucks-n-Parts 8/28/96
  • 80-290/D-375 E106 – rehabbed to E113 – Sold to Erickson Trucks-n-Parts 9/4/96
  • 80-291/D-376 E22 – rehabbed to E46 – Sold to Erickson Trucks-n-Parts 9/9/96 (crushed)
  • 80-292/D-377 E113 – this rig then saw a lot of action as a Shop’s spare at T61, O’Hare, E34, E19, E109, and E72 – rehabbed to E14 – Sold to Erickson Trucks-n-Parts 8/29/96
  • 80-293/D-378 E49 – rehabbed to E34 – Sold to a private party – Sold to PA FD
Chicago FD engine used in the movie Backdraft

Engine 17 on 4-4-2004.

E17’s current condition…
  • The owner estimates that 75% of the rig is there with 20% of the parts needing to be purchased and 5% of the parts needing fabrication.
  • It has a complete Cummins NTF 365 Turbo-Diesel (365hp @ 2300 rpm).
  • It is missing an Allison HT70 6-speed overdrive transmission.
  • It is missing $1,100 worth of copper radiator cores – originally Mesabi radiator of MN
  • It has a Hale Q-2 2,000-GPM pump that is non-functional, but comes with a replacement PTO gear box, some pump valves and pump gauges stripped from E14 that can be rebuilt by SPAN gauges in WI with period correct backings for $30/ea. and a new pump gasket set from Hale.
  • It has a 500-gallon water tank and a 140-gallon foam tank that was added during the refurb.
  • It has a 50-gallon diesel tank.
  • It is 35′ long with a 178” wheelbase.
  • The original grille was stripped from the rig but replaced by a top-notch reproduction.
  • It has its’ original deck gun.
  • It needs diamond plate and steel work but comes with the refurb blueprints from E-ONE.
  • It has original Imron paint but could be repainted with a close matching 68-69 Dodge red.
  • It includes 500 feet of 5-inch LDH.
  • It includes functional lights, sirens, horns, and a period correct Motorola radio.
    Chicago FD engine from the movie Backdraft

    Engine 17 photographed 9-15-2012.