The Herald News has an article about the City of Joliet debating about whether or not to accept a federal grant:

A $2 million federal grant to hire firefighters likely is to remain a controversial topic for the Joliet City Council this week.

The council meets Monday and Tuesday, and the federal grant is on the agenda for a vote that was delayed earlier this month.

Some council members have voiced concern that accepting the federal money aimed at beefing up fire department would tie the city to a grant requirement that it keep its firefighter force at 210. Council members and some neighborhood leaders have pointed to a severe manpower shortage in the police department, although Joliet plans to hire more police next year, too.

New questions also are being raised about the timing of a decision to extend an old hiring list used to hire firefighters while the grant was being pursued. Mayor Thomas Giarranteā€™s grandson has moved up on the list since it was first implemented in February 2007 and stands to be hired if the grant is accepted.

The list was extended to save on the cost of new testing while the city was in a hiring freeze.

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