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MABAS Division 11 Air Unit

This from Dan McInerney

MABAS Air 11 is housed at Oak Park Station 3 and will respond to alarms with OPFD E603. The E603 crew will leave the apparatus at the scene and return to quarters. Responses include all Division 11 hazmat and technical rescue boxes automatically, and to fire boxes as requested by the IC.

MABAS Division 11 Mobile Air Cascade Unit Air 11 Oak Park Fire Department

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Midlothian Station 1 added

Karl Klotz submitted an image of Midlothian Fire Station 1 which has been added to the website.

Midlothian Fire Department Station 1

Midlothian Fire Department Station 1 at 14801 South Pulaski. Karl Klotz photo

thanks also to Tyler who submitted a shot as well

Midlothian Fire Department Station 1

Tyler Tobolt photo

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