The Courier-News has an article describing a proposed change in dispatch services for police and fire in South Elgin.

Village officials say they have little concern if the South Elgin & Countryside Fire Protection District uses a dispatch center different from the one used by the South Elgin Police Department.

Facing a $1 million-plus upgrade for its existing dispatch center at the Village Hall, the Police Department is in negotiations to move dispatching services to KaneComm-911, Kane County’s dispatch center. KaneComm also has agreed to hire South Elgin’s existing dispatch staff, officials said.

The Fire Protection District, however, is looking to move its dispatch operations to Elgin later this spring. Elgin’s dispatch center is at the Elgin Police Department.

Right now, Jones said, the fire district pays the village for its dispatch services — $76,900 a year. When determining which dispatch center to move to, South Elgin took the elimination of that payment into account, he said.

Elgin’s proposal would cost the fire district $51,000 a year, Cluchey said. “I believe that there would be a savings. However, that savings will be put into some technology, like mobile data terminals. Will that become a wash? We don’t know that yet.”

No contracts have been signed. However, the South Elgin & Countryside board has given the fire district’s management, including Cluchey, the green light to pursue a contract, he said.

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