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Mundelein firefighters get pay raise

The Daily Herald has an article stating that:

Mundelein’s 14 unionized firefighter/paramedics will get 2-percent salary raises and be eligible for other pay bumps under a deal approved by the village board.

The raises for the full-time firefighters will be retroactive to May 1, 2011. That’s when similar pay hikes were approved for other village employees, Fire Chief Tim Sashko said.

The firefighters had gone without cost-of-living raises for a year and so-called “step” raises, which are based on experience, for two years, said Lynne Maley of the village’s human resources department.

The average salary for the affected firefighter/paramedics is $69,063, Maley said.

Those raises will cost the village an additional $235,647 this fiscal year, Maley said.

The last few years have been a time of austerity at village hall.

Last year, Mundelein officials merged the engineering and public works departments to reduce costs. The year before, public operating hours at village hall and the staff’s work hours were reduced.

In 2009, two police officers were laid off to reduce payroll spending. Employees have been forced to take furlough days, too.

The entire article can be found HERE.

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Stickney industrial fire 1-27-12

Josh Boyajian submitted the following information:

These are images from a fire today (Friday) in Stickney. It was inside a boiler room at an industrial factory called Olympic Oil. Upon arrival they found heavy smoke pushing out of the building. Lines were stretched and the fire was knocked. Auto aid was from Forest View. These pictures were taken by Lestor Antos, a Forest View FF. 
fire at Olympic Oil in Stickney 1-27-12
fire at Olympic Oil in Stickney 1-27-12
fire at Olympic Oil in Stickney 1-27-12
fire at Olympic Oil in Stickney 1-27-12
fire at Olympic Oil in Stickney 1-27-12


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CFD engines at Crimson

Josh Boyajian and Martin Nowak both spotted ‘in-progress’ images from Crimson of a new Spartan Gladiator cab and chassis for Chicago HERE.

In addition, progress photos can be seen HERE for the new engine for O’Hare Airport and HERE for the new engine for the training academy.



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