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Long Grove Fire Department controlled burn – update

A video has been posted by Larry Shapiro of the Long Grove burn down of the house on Checker Road. It’s a bit long, but details the operation from start to finish.

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New nozzle designed to suppress flashover

This morning, has an exclusive article describing a new nozzle for firefighting that has been designed by Franck Gaviot-Blanc, a fire research scientist in France who specializes in advanced research into fire behavior and extinguishment methodology.

Optimal nozzle for firefighting


 … (it) is designed to suppress “flashover” conditions in a fire building and protect the firefighters inside from the deadly effects of the flashover.  This is done by creating an engineered fog pattern designed to suppress and cool the fire gasses that are waiting for ignition and flashover.

An interview with the inventor and complete description of the nozzle can be found HERE.

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