occasionally posts an entry entitled “Looking Back” where he displays a magazine ad from Fire Engineering Magazine which appeared in the 1950s. Recently, the ad from April of 1957, represented the Peter Pirsch & Sons of Kenosha, WI. In the ad was a drawing showing a mid-ship quint from Evergreen Park.

An article about the Pirsch in 1981, several years before the company shut down, can be found HERE.

Peter Pirsch & Sons magazine ad April 1957

Evergreen Park Fire Department 1965 Pirsch mid-mount quint

Bill Friedrich supplied us with an image of the unit as deployed in Evergreen Park matching their yellow rigs. This 1965 mid-ship quint had a 750-GPM pump, 250 gallons of water, and a 65' ladder. This 'modern' photo of Truck 32 features a Federal Q siren and two 888 warning lights on the fenders in addition to a roof beacon.

Evergreen Park Fire Department 1956 Pirsch mid-mount quint

Another image from Bill Freidrich after the truck was painted black over red by a local shop. The Q siren has been moved from the fender to the bumper.