Skokie Fire Department 1969 Pirsch Snorkel

Skokie Snorkel 1 (later Truck 16) when it was in-service. Steve Redick photo

Jeff Rudolph spotted a familiar relic.

Skokie’s old ’69 Pirsch Snorkel. It was sadly heading to a scrapyard in Wisconsin.  It was picked up from Jim Carews place in Bristol, WI.  After it was placed out of service in the mid 90’s it was sold to Wally Mitchel, then Jim. It was used to put up radio towers and antennas. Take note of the missing basket, as well as anything else that was on it. Also look at the trailer its being hauled on. The guy only made it 1 mile and a State Trooper had him pulled over for an unsafe load.

Skokie Fire Department Pirsch Snorkel

The remnants of Skokie Truck 16, a 1969 Pirsch Snorkel heading to a scrap yard. Jeff Rudolph photo

Skokie Fire Department Pirsch Snorkel

A rear view of the Snorkel shows the bucket is missing. Jeff Rudolph photo

In other Skokie Fire Department news, Jeff mentions the following;

  • Tower 16 is back from being refurbished by Pierce. It is not yet in service.
  • Engine 17’s Pierce Saber will be in Tipton, IN at RPI for several months being refurbished.