Scott Peterson has supplied quite a bit of information about the new Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District.

– the Lakewood Pierce (X-1042, X-Arlington Heights Eng 4) is now officially a reserve for the district. They got it last week.

– the Bartlett Seagrave is being repainted, started last week. It will be the same as the new engines.

– one of the cars is from Lakewood, the former D/C car.
– they’ll be on the North Tower of Kane County with Pingree Grove & Hampshire.
– all of the apparatus was delivered yesterday and is in storage.
Here is a list from one of the district’s press releases.
Alexis 2011 IHC 2-door cab

Custom Tanker/Pumper  (N)

Alexis 2011 IHC 4-door cab

commercial pumper (N)

Alexis 1991

Custom Commercial Pumper (U)

Seagrave 1993 (X-Bartlett)

Custom Commercial Pumper (U?R)

Alexis 1998

Pumper (U?R)

Pierce 1990 (X-Lakewood, X-Arlington Heights)

Arrow Pumper (U?R)

Alexis 2011 IHC 2-door cab

Custom Tanker?Pumper (N)

Medtec PD168 2011

Ford E?450 Ambulance (N)

Medtec PD172 2011

Ford F?450 Ambulance (N)

Medtec 2001

Ford E?350 Ambulance (U?R)

Alexis 1995

12′ Squad Unit, Ford F450 (U)

Ford F350 XLT 2011

4X4 Crew Cab w/plow (N)

Ford F350 XLT 2011

Same as above (N)

Chevrolet 2003 Impala

4-door car (U)

Chevrolet 2006 Impala

4-door car (U)

Ford 2011

Expedition 4×4 (N)

Ford 2011

Expedition 4×4 (N)

Boat & Trailer (U)