The Chicago Tribune is reporting that The North Maine Fire Protection District and the Des Plaines Fire Department will both receive steel from the World Trade Center buildings recovered after the 9/11 attacks.

Two northwest suburban fire departments are receiving pieces of the World Trade Center that they expect to use in monuments marking the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and in memorial services marking the 10th anniversary of the attacks this year.The Des Plaines Fire Department will receive a 33-inch steel I-beam weighing 114 pounds, while the North Maine Fire Protection District, which covers parts of unincorporated Cook County, is getting a six-foot long, four-inch wide piece of steel that weighs 50 pounds and is described as a bent plate.

North Maine will most likely keep the item in its box until the next Maine Township board meeting where it will be opened in public. Ultimately, they’d like to incorporate the plate into a Sept. 11 monument inside Ridgewood Cemetery, which holds an annual service to honor the deceased from the historic day.

Des Plaines fire officials said they will meet with the mayor and city manager to decide where the piece should go ,but it might be made into a memorial outside of city hall where a Sept. 11 ceremony is held every year.