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Chicago fire boat “The Christopher Wheatley” arrives

Chicago’s new fire boat arrived in town today. The Windsor Star has a brief article HERE with some photos.

CHICAGO, Ill. — The Chicago fire department’s new fireboat, the Christopher Wheatley, made its way into Chicago Tuesday.

Built by Hike Metal Products Ltd, in Wheatley, Ont., the $8.5million boat was named for a 31-year-old Chicago firefighter who died in the line of duty. He was carrying equipment up a fire escape during a restaurant fire when he fell to his death.

The 300-ton craft was pumping 14,000 gallons of water a minute as it passed the Chicago Lighthouse near Navy Pier Tuesday.

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Chicago Fire Boat The Christopher Wheatley

The Christopher Wheatley, Chicago's new fire boat, arrived today from the shipyard in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada. Photograph by: John White, Chicago Sun-Times


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Local apparatus updates

Dennis McGuire, Jr found two area rigs in production at Ferrara which can be seen HERE.

He tells us that one of them is for the Calumet Park FD in MABAS 22. They’re buying a 100′ tower ladder on an HME chassis¬†(a first for them) which will replace a ladder truck and a engine. Both are already gone as trade-ins.

Calumet Park FD Ferrara tower ladder

The 100-foot tower at Ferrara on an HME chassis being built for Calumet Park. Ferrara Fire Apparatus photo

The second is a pumper for the Huntley FD which is in both MABAS 2 & 5. They’ve ordered a top-mount pumper on a Ferrara Ember chassis with a 1,500-GPM pump and 750 gallons of water.

Huntley Fire Department Ferrara engine

The new engine for Huntley undergoing pump tests at Ferrara. Ferrara Fire Apparatus photo

Fire Service, Inc., the local dealer representing Wheeled Coach Ambulances has photos of the following recent deliveries.

Berwyn Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulances

Two new ambulances in Berwyn. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Melrose Park Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Ambulance 701 in Melrose Park has a new unit. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Summit Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Summit has a new Type I ambulance that was recently delivered. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Oak Lawn Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Oak Lawn took delivery of a new unit for Ambulance 1 last year and recently took delivery of another for Ambulance 2. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Thanks to Martin Nowak for spotting the new Wheeled Coach units.


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