There has been a thread with several comments lately about the current status of Engine 23’s previous rig, the 2000 American LaFrance Eagle engine which is in the spare fleet. We learned from several readers that the pump had been removed and replaced with a large compartment to enable this to be run as a spare squad piece. Jack Connors found this reserve squad unit recently running as the second piece for Squad 5 and he was able to grab a few shots of it when they were on a run. He submitted the shots so that all could see just what the unit looks like. This carries shop #D572.

Chicago Fire Department reserve squad X-engine 23

The new Chicago Fire Department spare rescue unit that was formerly Engine 23's 2000 American LaFrance engine. This photo shows a roll-up compartment door where the pump enclosure used to be. Jack Connors photo

Chicago Fire Department reserve squad Engine 23 American LaFrance Eagle

The officer's side of the new reserve squad unit shows the transverse compartment in place of the pump module. Otherwise it doesn't appear that there are any other changes. Jack Connors photo

Tim Olk also ran across this rig at a 2-11 Alarm fire at 118th and Yale.

Chicago Fire Department reserve squad X-Engine 23

Squad 5 was working at a 2-11 at 118th and Yale when Tim Olk grabbed this shot of the new reserve squad piece running as their spare. Tim Olk photo

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