The Glenview Fire Department received two new 2010 engines from Pierce on Arrow XT chassis that were mentioned HERE. The new piece for Engine 6 has not yet gone into service as it is awaiting the installation of radios. Engine 7 received a new Pierce Arrow XT engine (sn 23701) and their previous Pierce Enforcer was reassigned as Engine 13 (sn 17393).

In a post from last July which can be found HERE, we mentioned that Glenview had ordered the two new engines on Arrow XT chassis and that one would match Engine 8, a Pierce Arrow XT with a rescue style body, and the other would have a body to match Engines 6 and 7, the standard pumper body.

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Glenview Engine 7 a Pierce Arrow XT rescue/pumper which appears similar to Engine 8. Pierce photo

We posted this delivery photo from Pierce for Engine 7.

Glenview Fire Department Engine 7 2010 Pierce Arrow XT

Glenview recently put this 2010 Pierce Arrow XT into service as Engine 7. Larry Shapiro photo

This is a shot taken today of Glenview Engine 7, shown with the standard pumper body matching the two Pierce Enforcer engines owned by Glenview, not the rescue style body in the Pierce delivery photo.

Glenview Fire Department Engine 13 2006 Pierce Enforcer

Engine 13 on Glenview's east side received this 2006 Pierce Enforcer which was formerly assigned as Engine 7. Larry Shapiro photo

Engine 13 now runs this 2006 Pierce Enforcer that replaces a 1990 Pierce Lance engine which is to be disposed of.

Some of the outward differences between the new Arrow XT for Engine 7 and the older Enforcer include a painted steel bumper replacing the chrome bumper, barrier style short cab doors, a full LED light bar, and a longer hosebed with a flush rear body design. Note the chevron striping added to the chrome bumper on Engine 13. The new unit also has a 1,500-GPM pump and foam tanks with 10 and 40-gallon capacities instead of two 25-gallon tanks.

Glenview Fire Department Engine 7 Pierce Enforcer

Glenview Engine 7 (sn 17393) with the original chrome bumper before the chevron decals were applied.


Editor’s note: One other item which will be of interest to apparatus photographers and historians, is that the new units feature tags on the pump panel which depict the tank capacities of both the water and foam tanks. No more guessing as to these quantities which were one of the only rig specifications that was not labeled on apparatus to date. This is something that was prevalent on several units that were displayed last week at the FDIC trade show in Indianapolis. Perhaps this is a new trend for the fire apparatus manufacturers … a welcome one at that!

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