Within two hours of each other, neighboring Buffalo Grove and Long Grove fire departments responded to fires within their districts. Both fires could have destroyed the homes had they occurred just a few hours later when the residents were asleep. Buffalo Grove was the first to respond after 11PM to what was a fire in a dryer vent in the crawl space of a small house on St. Marys Parkway. Then, shortly after the still company returned to quarters, they were due to assist the Long Grove Fire Department.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Tower 25

A supply line is secured to the tower ladder as firefighters investigate smoke at 410 St Marys Parkway in Buffalo Grove. Larry shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Tower 25

A hydrant sits directly in front of the house where firefighters found a dryer vent fire in the crawl space. Tower 25 was delivered in 2010 by Ferrara. Larry Shapiro photo

The Long Grove fire was contained to one bedroom after a resident ran across the street to the fire station after midnight and notified staff that there was a fire in his house. When the battalion chief pulled out of quarters, he saw fire in one room. The first company was able to extinguish the fire quickly. There were no hydrants at the scene and a tanker was used to supplement the engine’s tank water.

Long Grove Fire Protection District KME Squad 55

Long Grove Squad 55 had to cross the street from the fire station to arrive on-scene at a small house fire last night at 1160 Old McHenry Road. Larry SHapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Protection District KME Tanker 55

Long Grove FPD Tanker 55 supplements the squad's water supply in the event that the fire would have spread beyond the room of origin. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove FPD house fire 1160 Old McHenry Road

A quick hit resulted in the fire being held to the room of origin. Larry Shapiro photo

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