A car veered out of control sometime after 1AM this morning and hit the Willow Grove School at 777 Checker Drive in Buffalo Grove. The car came to rest after displacing a steel support at the corner of the school offices. Buffalo Grove requested assistance from the MABAS Division 4 & 5 Technical Rescue Team which brought equipment and technicians from across Lake County. After the car was removed, firefighters cleared the debris and constructed a two-post vertical shore to provide support to the overhead beam.

Buffalo Grove car crashes into Willow Grove School

A car left the roadway and crashed into the facade at 777 Checker Drive, the Willow Grove School in Buffalo Grove. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara

Buffalo Grove Engine 26 and Tower 25, both recent deliveries from Ferrara, were at the TRT incident at Willow Grove School. Larry Shapiro photo

Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD Pierce Dash Squad 51

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Squad 51 responded. They deployed their light tower to illuminate the scene and provided lumber. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS Division 4&5 TRT

The lumber unit for the MABAS Divisions 4&5 TRT is a container shown here being transported by the Gurnee FD roll-off tractor. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS Divisions 4&5 TRT

This new IHC 4400 roll-off tractor transported the MABAS Divisions 4&5 TRT supply trailer to the Buffalo Grove Box Alarm. Larry Shapiro photo

MESS Waring Bus

The Metropolitan Emergency Support Services (MESS) Canteen warming bus responded to the scene in addition to one of the Canteen units. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ford Marion Squad 26

Buffalo Grove Squad 26 was the first squad unit on the scene. This Ford/Marion unit deployed a Command Lite tower to illuminate the scene and setup a work table and saw to begin shoring the structure. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove car into the structure at Willow Grove School

This shot depicts the scene after the fire department completed their work. Larry Shapiro photo

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