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Chicago northside 3-11

Steve Redick and Tim Olk ¬†took in the 3-11 on Lincoln Avenue today and will submit photos tomorrow. Here’s a quick shot that Steve sent in. Full coverage with photos will follow.

Chicago Fire Department 3-11 alarm fire

Tower 10 operates in the alley during the 3-11 alarm fire at 3028 N. Lincoln Avenue. Steve Redick photo

Click HERE for the Tribune story and HERE for their gallery.

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Lakewood update

It is official that the Woodstock Fire Rescue District will takeover fire protection for the town of Lakewood. For the near future, the Lakewood Fire Department name will remain in existence and the uniforms, bunker gear, and apparatus will still carry that name. Many of the full-time and part-time Lakewood employees will be employed by Woodstock and might work from either of the Woodstock stations or the Lakewood station. Some of the Lakewood apparatus is owned by American Emergency Services and will leave at the first of the year when Woodstock takes over.

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