Glencoe Fire Department Pierce Saber Squad 30

Glencoe Squad 30 which arrived recently is not yet in service. It is a Pierce Saber and replaces a Pierce Lance. Larry Shapiro photo

The Glencoe Fire Department (Public Safety Department) received a new unit for Squad 30. Replacing a 1993 Pierce Lance with a 20″ raised roof, the new Squad 30 is considerably smaller and utilizes a Saber cab with a 10″ raised roof. The new unit no longer has a cascade system and has less overall compartment space. It is roughly the same size as Engine 30, a 1996 Pierce Saber.

Squad 30 has deep rescue-style compartments and a pair of extrication tools in the front bumper. It has a hydraulic ladder rack, air bags, spare air bottles, 1,500 GPM pump, 500 gallons of water, electric cord reels, cribbing, a portable generator for the hydraulic tools, assorted hand tools, and various extinguishers.

Once the radios are installed, Squad 30 will go into service.

Glencoe squad 30 extrication tools

The front bumper compartment contains two pre-piped extrication tools. Larry Shapiro photo

Glencoe pumper squad

View of the rear compartment on the driver's side. Larry Shapiro photo

Glencoe squad 30

Nested tool boards provide organized storage for several tools. Larry Shapiro photo

Glencoe 2010 Pierce Saber pumper squad

Officer's side of the new Squad. Larry Shapiro photo

Glencoe Squad 30 2010 Pierce Saber

Rear view of Squad 30 showing the deep compartments, NFPA chevron, and the hydraulic ladder rack in operation. Larry Shapiro photo