Highland Park Engine 32‘s new pumper on the south side of town has gone into service recently. It is a Spartan Gladiator chassis and a Crimson body. Engine 32 has a 1,500 GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank, and like all Highland Park suppression rigs, it carries 40 gallons of foam. The new unit has graphics on the cab which state ‘Proudly Serving Ravinia’ which represents that end of town. Housed in Station 32 which has historical recognition in the neighborhood, the engine fits into tight quarters. The fire department is restricted with regards to any upgrades or renovations to the facility due to the landmark status. Alongside the new engine is Ambulance 32 and a company of four firefighters.

Highland Park Spartan Crimson Engine 32. Larry Shapiiro photo

The new Spartan Gladiator Crimson engine in Highland Park. Larry Shapiro photo

Highland Park Spartan Crimson engine

The officer's side of Engine 32. This is the first Highland Park purchase with a painted steel bumper. All of the other units in town have chrome bumpers. Larry Shapiro photo

Highland Park Spartan Crimson engine

Rear view of the new engine showing full height compartments, a hydraulic ladder rack, and NFPA compliant chevron. Larry Shapiro photo