Another department in Division 24 has been added to the site; Dolton, with two stations. Apparatus images were provided by Dennis McGuire, Jr. and the station photos are from Karl Klotz. Dolton has 35 full-time firefighters and several suppression rigs. They contract EMS from Bud’s Ambulance Service. The frontline engines are from Sutphen as is one of the two aerial devices. Dolton has a beautiful backup engine built by Pirsch on a CF Mack chassis.

Dolton FIre Department Sutphen pumper

Dolton Squad 1455 is an IHC 4700/E-ONE medium duty rescue unit that the department won through a nationwide coloring contest for kids that was sponsored by E-ONE. ¬†The winning artist’s name was Nicole, and the squad was named in her honor.

Dolton Fire Department IHC E-ONE rescue