There are 12 departments in Division 21. Oak Lawn is the first of these departments to be posted here. They have three stations of which all but three rigs have been posted. Images showing Engine 1, Medic 2 and Medic 5 have not been posted. There is no aerial apparatus featured in these three stations. Oak Lawn purchased a 2009 EONE HP100 rear mount aerial that was in service for a matter of months before being taken out of service and put up for sale. It is believed that an EONE HP78 Quint will be ordered if it has not been already to replace the 100′ ladder. The Quint might see service as a combination unit incorporating the squad company.

Oak Lawn EONE truck 3

The 2009 EONE HP100 truck that was ordered during a previous administration. This truck was in service for a few months before being put up for sale. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Oak Lawn Squad 1 is currently running with a 2002 EONE Typhoon 1250/500 engine that is reserve engine 5 since they retired a 1991 Pierce Lance heavy rescue.

Oak Lawn Squad 1

Oak Lawn's retired Pierce heavy rescue that was retired recently is also for sale by a third party. Photo by Larry Shapiro