One more addition to the site today although not complete is Wilmette in Division 3. Stations 26 and 27 both have a few empty placeholders and there are some notes about upcoming changes. Engine 26R is currently at Station 26, but will be renumbered to 27R and relocated to Station 27 at the end of the year when Wilmette takes delivery of their new EONE CII HP100 RM tower ladder. At that time, Station 26 will have Tower 26 and Tower 26R as a backup. There will be no engine in that house as one tower will always be inservice. Until then, Engine 26R is a backup for the Tower company at 26.

Wilmette had purchased and received an EONE CII HP95MM TL which had numerous issues and was not accepted by Wilmette. They have since changed to a rear mount as the replacement which is due in November of this year. Anyone familiar with Station 26 might notice that the photo on the website depicts a center door that is higher that the outer doors. This revision was made to accommodate the new tower ladder.